Susan Jones,
author of
Original vocabulary verse
poeticizing words worth enjoying
Do you need program ideas for your meetings?
Do you need a speaker?  …performer?  …musician?
Are you looking for programs that are
cultural?  diverting?  meaningful?
stimulating?  entertaining?  whimsical?
(not to mention educational?)
Then why not consider
a Mini-Concert;  a  poetry reading;
words on music;  piano patter.
Coming up with new ideas for programs that will entertain and amuse is a challenge.
Why not consider one of the following programs?
Look / Listen at this link!
An amusing program interspersing original verse with insights (including
quotations) into the words that the verses highlight.
A very mini version of my book of “vocabulary verse.” You may pick the
topic, if you wish.  No piano?  These talks are perfect for your group.  
AND, they can be a part of a writing club or a book club.
Book Talk
People of the Word
Appropriate for church groups or even Bible study groups.  Inspired by
a Kerygma class, I start with Moses and go uphill from there.  Many
words and concepts touched upon, with humor and grace.
Chopin Chitchat
Four contrasting pieces, each placed in biographical and historical
context, with highlighting verses. (
Piano needed.)
Brahms -
(and that "other B")
You can “put your Brahms” around this dreamy program of three
Intermezzi, plus a surprise contrast-piece by one of the “other B’s.”
Piano needed.)
An amusing look at interesting words of love as presented in verse and
highlighted by some of Schumann’s most beautiful romances.  (And a
bit of Mozart for good measure.)  I play clarinet and “accompany”
myself on the (pre-recorded) piano.
Words of Love
- and Music of Romance
Seven “sing-sational,” scintillating, spicy, seductive heroines from
opera, with their most famous arias ”sung” on the clarinet and with
connecting narrative and verse.  The audience is rewarded for correct
answers to quiz questions.  I accompany myself (pre-recorded).
The Divas ‘n the Details
A short program – or background music of favorite piano classics.
Just Piano
Whether a simple book talk or a keyboard conversation, or a clarinet "infusion," it’s the conversation itself that makes
these programs unique.  All of them incorporate a focus on relevant, unique words related to the music or book-talk
topic, and further illustrate these words with original light verse.  
OR – forget the words and patter and opt for some background music (favorite piano classics) or a short recital.

These programs range from thirty to forty-five minutes in length, and allow for questions / answers at the conclusion.
Susan Jones
410-886-2790   /   443-786-4709 (Cell)
Sing the Clarinet
- Music and Words
of Summer and Water
Reminiscences from a life surrounded by water (and words!) - relating
those memories to music that was inspired by and descriptive of
water. All with a certain British connection!