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  • If you love words you will love this book!
  • This book is a great pleasure to read.
  • The best part of this delightful book is Jones's
    fifty-two lyrical verses. They're filled with
    variety, verve, and vivacity.
  • This is the greatest book ever! I've purchased
    many copies, yet I keep buying more to give to all
    my friends and family who love vocabulary,
    poetry, and just plain learning.
  • Buy this book, read it, enjoy it, you will be glad
    you did.
  • This is a delightful read for people of any age.
  • My teacher-friends are especially fond of the
    book and are trying to memorize a word a week to
    share with their students.
  • Susan Jones's poems are very clever and
    delightful, reminding me of Ogden Nash. I highly
    recommend this book for anyone in 6th grade or
  • An excellent collection and very highly
  • A must for anyone who likes words.
  • … beyond a breath of fresh air.
  • With its many variations, this truly is a romp
    through the English language.
  • Susan’s creative approach prompts a desire to
    play with words more than ever. Original!
  • Susan Jones did a great job with this book.
    Anyone who enjoys word “study” will appreciate
    this book. The great thing is that the author makes
    it so much fun!
  • I found Words’Worth’s Vocabulary Verse by
    Susan Jones just a pure delight.  I was traveling
    with my husband, and I was constantly saying
    “Listen to this …”
  • Susan Jones has provided a literary double-play.
    Her book is entertaining and educational in equal
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experts” say:
  • Word-verses, 52 of them, going up the alphabet
    and back down. 52 weeks in the year. Hmmmm,
    this little book could be used as a weekly almanac.
    Trouble is, bet you can't read just one a week!  
    (Belle Leddurs)
  • No vacillating here. The decision is quick and
    unanimous. WORDSWORTH is a great read.
    Learning new words or seeing familiar ones, by
    way of light verse, is the ticket. (A. D. Light)
  • How to describe this book? How about
    cockamamie insouciance? And I'm not just
    bamboozling! (S. N. Shull)
  • Susan Jones, aka WORDSWORTH, has given us a
    “livre juste” filled with mots justes. (Bob Lew)
  • WORDS' WORTH is a refreshing zephyr, an
    umbrageous retreat. (E. Z. Reeding)
  • Find the nearest tuffet, sit back and enjoy this
    gallimaufry of delights. (Frank Lee Grayt)
  • Get your quotidian dose of WORDSWORTH. This
    is one hunky-dory little tome. (A. Mused)
  • I especially enjoyed the quotations from literature
    that describe words in general and that show the
    featured word in context. (Wanda Full)
  • Susan Jones, aka WORDSWORTH, has produced
    a gem, a literary flourish (flounce, furbelow). She
    has “let flie” with delightful and amusing results.
    (Eddy Torreal)
  • No need for susurrus here. This is a book worth
    shouting about. (A. Djem)
  • Fun, instructive, highly amusing, intelligent, and
    nicely presented. Oh, and I loved the word
    selections and verses, too. (Shirley Fein)
  • A thoroughly enjoyable walk through the
    alphabet. (X. M. Plurry)
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