Words, Verse, and Whimsy
Are you getting your
    WORDSWORTH is two things in one.

    First -
    WORDSWORTH is the "nom de plum," of sorts, for the writer, Susan Jones.
    Click on Who is WORDSWORTH, or on her name (above) for a short
    biographical sketch.

    Second -
    WORDSWORTH is the name Susan has given to her product.  It is a spotlight
    on WORDS – old and new, familiar and unusual, domestic and foreign -
    combining rhyme, and quotations, and whimsy!  It is a way for young and old to
    have fun with language.  

    In short, WORDSWORTH (the product) is vocabulary verse.  
    It is light verse with a purpose!

    Each WORDSWORTH verse features a vocabulary word, with pronunciation,
    definitions, and related words.  And each column includes at least one relevant
    quotation that uses the featured word in its text.  Finally, there is a verse
    composed specifically for the word.

    WORDSWORTH grew from a request by fellow workers of Susan Jones, their
    corporate librarian, in a midwestern insurance company.  They wanted a
    weekly vocabulary word via the company's e-mail.  This led to searches for
    appropriate, unusual words - keeping eyes and ears open for likely "candidates"
    - in the news, in quotation books, in professional and recreational reading.  
    Many times, literature and humorous verse provided the weekly words.  Often,
    these sources suggested or prompted a response, also using the selected word.  
    And so, WORDSWORTH was born.
Good Words
are Worth
much and cost
English proverb.  
Also attributed to
George Herbert
Original vocabulary verse
words worth enjoying!
May I entertain you?

Original vocabulary verse
words worth enjoying!