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      It does not require many words to speak the truth.
Chief Joseph, Nez Perce
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Don was trapped in a mess, but was loath to confess;
         So, this high-profile man about town
      turned into a fibber – grew glibber and glibber –
         with lies meant to trick and confound.
      Don’s casual veracity flipped to mendacity
         when caught with his pants-ity down.        
      So much for veracious; Don’s now quite mendacious.
         His lying has grown leaps and bounds.
      The lesson (if any): one fib begets many –
         a fact neither deep nor profound.
      Avoid the mendacious, (adjective).  It’s contagious.
        And so is mendacity, (noun).  
SAJones  1999
      Decades later, there’s more, with the press keeping score,
        maintaining a falsehood countdown –
      Or count
-up (more exactly!) describing the “facts” he
        ignores, mangles, mis-states, propounds.
      Twenty-plus lies a day, many journalists say.
        Mendacity clearly abounds.        
SAJones 9/2020

n.  (men dass’  ih tee)
 Deceit, falsehood, untruthfulness,
prevarication, misrepresentation, deception,
      mendacious, adj.  
Telling lies habitually.  Lying, untruthful.  
Given to concealment or misrepresentation of
the truth.  Dishonest, deceitful.

 Man, in spite of his tendency
towards mendacity, has a great respect
for what he calls the truth.
Remy de Gourmont

I originally wrote this with a "generic" liar in
mind, and I called him Tom.  For today's
climate, I have made an inevitable change.  
AND I added some relevant lines.